Black is brown is tan

black brown tanAuthor : Arnold Adoff & Emily Arnold McCully

Publishing company: Harper Collins

Publication date: 2002

ISBN: 0060287764

Target audience: 4 years old and over

Summary: Brown-skinned mama, the color of chocolate milk and pumpkin pie. White-skineed daddy, not the color of milk or snow, but light with pinks and tiny tans. And their two children, the beautiful colors of both. For an all-American family, full of joy, warmth, and love.

My thoughts: I read it. I loved it. You should read it too. A great story about the beauty and love of mixed-race families. When it was first published in 1973, Black is Borwn is Tan featured the first interracial family in children’s books in the US.

Did you read this book to a child? Share your experience in the comments!


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